• Episode 27: The Ups and Downs of Erectile Dysfunction

    This episode will delve into both the organic and psychological risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Kimberly will discuss a range of treatment options available for ED. She will share her views on why men in their twenties struggle to get (and keep) it up. The pros and cons of sexuo-pharmaceuticals, such as Viagra, will be discussed. Kimberly will describe the cultural pressure that men experience to be good in bed, and how it makes them vulnerable to sexual dysfunction.

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Episode 26: The Prolific Penis

Why is the human penis so much larger than other primates’ penises? Why does it have such a funny and odd shape? In this episode, Kimberly educates her listeners about penile size, shape, and overall prowess. She introduces the concepts of Sperm Competition, Last Male Precedence, Semen Displacement Theory, Health Benefits of Semen, Refractory Period, The “Coolidge Effect,” and Semen Viscosity (relative to female promiscuity). Kimberly quotes research from leading evolutionary biologists to add context to her discussion of penile function and natures miraculous counter adaptations to infidelity.

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Episode 25: When Sex Hurts: Intro to Pelvic Pain

In this episode, Kimberly introduces her listeners to painful sex. She defines different terms associated with chronic pelvic pain including dyspareunia and vulvodynia, offers statistics on chronic pelvic pain, and gives some clinical examples from her sex therapy practice. She identifies common worries and concerns that women often experience during and after chronic pelvic pain. Kimberly also describes the four potential psychological traps that she has identified based on her work with couples who are dealing with sexual pain. The four traps are 1) The Credibility Issue, 2) Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water, 3) De-erotization, and 4) Post-Clearance Collusion.

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Episode 24: Golden Showers, Squirting & Oral Sex

In this episode, Kimberly answers questions from her listeners about common misperceptions (and red flags) about sex therapy for couples; the prevalence, risk factors, and psychological meaning of ‘golden...

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Episode 23: From Chastity Belts to Birth Control: A Historical View of Female Sexuality

In this episode, Kimberly interviews marriage and family therapist Jess Levith about her treatment of women with out-of-control sexual behaviors through a cultural and historical lens. To provide context, Kimberly gives a brief overview of how attitudes toward sex in general; and female sexuality in particular, have changed over the centuries. Ms. Levith discusses how some women pathologize themselves (or are pathologized by their partner, family, society, etc.) based on gender stereotypes about Birth Control, Sexual Imagery, Economic Parity, and Intersectionality. She also describes the six pillars of sexual health (based on the World Health Organization definition) and how she uses these concepts with women to help them asses their sexual behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

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Episode 22: Tips to Avoid Unavailable Guys

In this episode, Kimberly interviews Dr. Marni Feuerman about her new book “Ghosted and Breadcrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships.” They discuss how awareness of your personal attachment style and psychological boundaries from your family of origin can help you avoid relationships with unavailable men. They comment on how ‘Limerence’ (AKA infatuation or transcendental love) can impair judgement in the beginning of a new relationship and how it allows women to ignore red flags that should not be ignored. They discuss the author’s list of Dating Do’s and Don’ts. They talk about the author’s list of classic ‘types’ of men who are unavailable and how to identify them. Finally, they offer common excuses that married men give to affair partners to justify their behavior, such as “my wife doesn’t have sex with me” or “she’s always depressed, negative and in pain.” This episode also contains a Sex IQ Quiz.

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Episode 21: Sexual Torture, Necrophilia & Child Murder

TRIGGER WARNING—This episode of Sex Savvy contains graphic material and specific details about actual murder cases involving sexual torture and necrophilia. In this episode, Kimberly interviews world renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Resnick. His professional body of work, integrity, and expertise are highly respected in the international psychiatric community. He has published more than 200 articles and book chapters about legal insanity as a criminal defense and many other aspects of psychiatry and law. He is an expert witness who has consulted on or testified in many of the most infamous murder trials of the past 45 years. He is a beloved professor and presenter who has been invited to give lectures in more than 25 countries. Kimberly has been fortunate to attend some of his trainings in Europe, Africa and Asia. When there is a mass shooting, a serial killer is on the loose, or a mother murders her own children, Dr. Resnick is always in the short list to be contacted for his expertise. He is the world authority on mothers who kill their own children; and even coined the term, neonaticide, which is when a mother kills her newborn within the first 24 hours of life. Dr. Resnick also happens to be Kimberly’s father and the primary inspiration for her career.

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