Episode 7: Covert Incest

In this episode, Kimberly discusses “Covert Incest,” a type of abuse in which parents turn to their children for the emotional support and intimacy they would normally receive from a spouse or partner. When covert incest is present, a son or daughter feels more like a romantic partner than a child. There is a pattern of consistent boundary-crossings which leave the child feeling responsible for the parent’s emotional needs (which often leads to intimacy and sexual disorders in future relationships). There is typically no overt sexual contact, but rather, a nuanced ‘adultification’ of the child, where they end up feeling like a ‘surrogate spouse.’ Kimberly interviews Paul Gilmartin, comedian and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast, who describes how the covert incest he experienced from his mother negatively impacted his sexual, emotional, and psychological development.

Episode 6: Dominance & Submission: Sex or Psychology?

In this episode, Kimberly interviews a professional Dominatrix, Mistress Damiana Chi, about her take on the psychology behind dominance and submission. Mistress Damiana, who holds a PhD in Psychology, describes the range of domination her clients are seeking, including foot worship, spanking, caning, and “cock-and-ball torture.” She describes how the Master/Slave dynamic can be healing, in emotional, intellectual, erotic, and spiritual ways. She explains the difference between Lifestyle Dommes and Professional Dommes. She also describes four archetypes that she uses in her work—the “Authoritarian,” the “Mother,” the “Seductress,” and the “Queen.”

Episode 5: Sexual Maladies and Mysteries

In this episode, Kimberly discusses two sex-related conditions. The first is Post Coital Headaches. Kimberly explains what causes these painful headaches, how common they are, how serious they are, who is vulnerable to experience them, and available treatment options. She also educates listeners on Post Finasteride Syndrome, a debilitating condition that affects sexual, mental, physical, and neurological health in men. She offers alarming statistics on suicides related to this incurable syndrome. She describes the day-to-day impact of this condition on one of her male patients. She also answers a listener’s question about the impact of his fiance’s kidney disease on her sexual desire and their overall relationship.

Episode 4: The Coveted Climax: Female Orgasm

In this episode Kimberly discusses female orgasmic response, the “Orgasm Gap,” G-Spot orgasms, and how often (and why) women ‘fake’ orgasm. She describes the role of the Clitoris in female sexual pleasure; and explains that 80% of women are not able to reliably experience orgasm from penile/vaginal intercourse alone. She highlights five barriers that women commonly express that make it difficult for them to climax with a partner. During the sex IQ Quiz, Kimberly describes ways to experience orgasm without any direct genital stimulation. She interviews author, sex therapist and relationship expert Beatty Cohan. Kimberly and Beatty discuss how they each evaluate couples and how they manage secrets when one partner shares something during an individual session but does not want the other partner to know.

Episode 3: Sex and Evolution: Nature Calls the Shots


In this episode, Kimberly discusses how nature and evolution subconsciously shape our sexual attraction, mate selection and sexual expression. She discusses research that highlights the many health benefits of swallowing semen or having it deposited in the vagina, such as improved mood, increased pain threshold, better concentration and mental acuity, and pregnancy maintenance.

Kimberly explains how women must make evolutionary trade-offs. She introduces the concept of “Ovulatory Shift Hypothesis” (aka Good Genes Theory). This theory suggests that women (subconsciously) behave differently and value different male traits at different phases of their menstrual cycle. When women are not ovulating, they value stability and loyalty in a partner. When women are at peak fertility, they value promiscuity, dominance, facial scars, and aggression. While ovulating, women are more likely to fantasize about and flirt with other men. They are also much more likely to cheat.

Also in this episode, Kimberly highlights research that suggests that men can ‘See,’ ‘Hear’ and ‘Smell’ fertility in women in subtle ways that are completely subconscious. She describes a phenomenon called “Mateguarding,” where men unwittingly assert their dominance with increased jealousy, possessiveness, and suspicion. Kimberly suggests this may be nature’s way for men to decrease their risk of being cheated on.

She rounds out the episode by discussing a fetish called “Cuckolding.” Cuckolds are men who are aroused by watching their wives or girlfriends have sex with other men. Kimberly discusses the themes of humiliation and power associated with this fetish. Finally, she answers a listener’s question about the pros and cons of shaving or waxing pubic hair.

Episode 2: The Ups and Downs of Erectile Dysfunction

In this episode, Kimberly discusses many aspects of Erectile Dysfunction. She begins with statistics on the prevalence of ED. She describes both the organic and psychological risk factors for erectile dysfunction; and how she determines whether to tackle ED in her psychotherapy office or whether a medical evaluation is indicated.

Episode 1: Welcome to Sex Savvy

In this first episode of the Sex Savvy podcast, your host Kimberly Resnick Anderson introduces herself and the podcast. Kimberly is a certified sex therapist with 25 years of experience, as well as an assistant professor at UCLA School of Medicine. Kimberly believes that we can overcome our fears, stigma, and anxiousness regarding one of the most enjoyable things in our lives—and dive deeply into bigger, more satisfying personal relationships.

The podcast will be split into several themes and subjects. Kimberly will be sharing lots of the latest sound scientific research on the subject, and on the innovations in sexual medicine and medical help. Each week there will be a Sex IQ Quiz, which you can use to assess your own level of sexual knowledge, biases, and savviness. There will also be trivia and tips, and Kimberly will also answer your questions, as well as share trends from her clinical practice. And finally, she will share sexual stories that will inspire you to achieve your optimal sexual health.

During the second part of this episode, Kimberly introduces her colleague, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, who is the director of the San Diego Sexual Medicine Center. He is also winner of the 2009 winner of the Gold Medal awarded by the World Association for Sexual Health in recognition of his lifetime contributions to the field, and the editor in chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Kimberly and Dr. Goldstein discuss the field of sexual medicine, the innovations and research being done, and the commonly reported issues. Dr. Goldstein will be a resident medical expert to the podcast, sharing his immense knowledge and experience in the field.

Stay tuned for the following episodes and prepare to watch your sex savviness develop. Note that you can share your own story with Kimberly by contacting her using the links below, and she will try her best to share your perspective on air and provide you with some help and commentary.



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Sex Savvy gives listeners a rare peek into the world of a Hollywood-based sex therapist with 25 years of experience helping people achieve optimal sexual health. The podcast offers Kimberly’s unique insights, clinical trends from her sex therapy practice, compelling interviews, cutting edge research, and invaluable sex education. Kimberly will address the sexual health concerns of her listeners during each episode. From sexual dysfunction to sex addiction, nothing is off limits.