Episode 4: The Coveted Climax: Female Orgasm

In this Episode, Kimberly discusses female orgasmic response and how women are sometimes unsure whether or not they experience climax. She explains the “Orgasm Gap” and why it remains despite research and education. She explains that 80% of women are unable to reliably experience orgasm from penile/vaginal intercourse alone (without supplemental stimulation).

She addresses how often women fake orgasm, and more importantly, why they fake orgasm. She offers results from a review of more than 1,000 clinical charts from her sex therapy practice. She also highlights a study of college aged males that measured ‘faking’ orgasm in men.

She discusses the critical role of the clitoris and how most women need clitoral stimulation in order to experience orgasm. She also describes G-Spot orgasms and discusses how some scientists still aren’t convinced that G-Spot orgasms are real.

Kimberly offers the five most common barriers to orgasm based on her clinical experience. The barriers are 1) Drugs and Illness, 2) Cultural Messages, 3) Shame, Trauma and a Discomfort with Intimacy, 4) Relationship Issues, and 5) Age and Menopause.

She concludes the episode by interviewing New York City-based author, sex therapist and relationship expert Beatty Cohan. Kimberly and Beatty discuss how they evaluate couples and how they handle ‘secrets’ in couples therapy.