Episode 6: Dominance & Submission: Sex or Psychology?

In this compelling episode, Kimberly interviews Mistress Damiana Chi, a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix based in Los Angeles. Mistress Damiana, who holds a PhD in Psychology, offers her take on the psychology behind the Master/Slave relationship. She also explains the process by which she screens and gets to know her clients, how she helps them feel comfortable, and the common scenes and behaviors they request during sessions (including spanking, caning, foot worship, and cock-and-ball-torture). Mistress Damiana explains how engaging in domination can be healing for her clients on so many levels, including sexually, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

She describes four archetypes that each manifest at different times during sessions: The Authoritarian, The Mother, The Seductress, and The Queen. Kimberly asks Mistress Damiana whether she has any boundaries, whether all of her clients are men, whether some of her clients fall in love with her (or stalk her), and whether some men outgrow their interest in the BDSM lifestyle.

Mistress Damiana explains what “Collaring” is, describes having a “personal slave,” and discusses the BDSM community at large. She describes how being a professional Domme is not like role-playing, but rather accessing an authentic part of who she is. In addition to providing services to her clients, Mistress Damiana also trains women to become professional dommes and lifestyle dommes (and explains what the difference is).